Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?
A: I generally go by “Krimsin” in most parts of the internet, but my real name is Robin Darnell. I’m 19 and live in Canada.

Q: How do I hide my gun?
A: Go to the console and type:  r_drawviewmodel 0 or if that doesn’t work try Impulse 200.

Q: How do you hide your gun so fast?
A: I bind the console code for hiding a gun to an unused key on the keyboard. I go to the console and type bind “z” “r_drawviewmodel 0″ so that when I press the Z key I will hide my weapon. Since Opposing Force doesn’t have Impulse 200, I also have to bind r_drawviewmodel 1 to the X key so I can unhide my weapon.

Q: If Shephard wears a gas mask, how is it that he can still smell things through it?
A: Aside from the fact that gas masks are designed to only keep out poisonous gases, the filter inside Shephard’s gas mask that protects against poisons is not very good, and so after he fell into that big pit full of water in Episode 4, his filters became waterlogged and essentially useless as all the poison-neutralizing chemicals and substances inside of it were washed out. Therefore, any air he breathes in is unfiltered.

Q: Why don’t you turn off the HUD?
A: It is impossible to do this with any console command in Opposing Force (even “hud_draw 0″ or “cl_drawhud 0″), because Gearbox made it rather than Valve. Story-wise, Adrian Shephard is the only protagonist in any Half-life game who actually wears a face mask or visor of any kind, and so he is the only one who would actually be expected to have a HUD.

Q: Do you use cheats in your videos?
A: Yes. Noclip and Notarget have been used once or twice over the course of the series in order to make the NPCs or Shephard act in the way I want them to. Obviously, I have never used God Mode or Impulse 101.

Q: Why haven’t you released a new episode yet?
A: Because I haven’t finished it, obviously.

Q: When will you release a new episode?
A: It takes me about 1-2 weeks to release an episode. Sometimes less.

Q: Why haven’t you finished the new episode?
A: I can’t finish it until it’s done.

Q: I get that, but I mean why isn’t the episode don-

Q: I am 12 and what is this?
A: Haha yeah I like to say stupid shit too.

Q: Do you write out all the jokes before hand or just improvise?
A: Mostly, I improvise. I mean, I do go through the level a little beforehand just so I know what I’m going to be running into and maybe try to form a few jokes at the beginning, but ultimately most of the jokes are written right before I’m about to record them. It’s really not that hard. This series basically writes itself.

Q: As seen in Episode 12 and 13, does Shephard really teleport into Freeman’s Locker, meet Barney, shoot the Xen spectrometer device with the displacer, and get teleported to several different locations in order to progress through Opposing Force?
A: No. That entire sequence never occurs at any point in Opposing Force. In the game, you must actually use the teleporter in the aquarium room to proceed to the area with the shark and the water tank that Shephard later teleports into in the series. But me and Ian Riley had long been planning to do a crossover episode, and we realized that the only way that would be possible would be to meet up somewhere in an original Half-life 1 map (Because Opposing Force and Blue Shift cannot cross over to eachother’s maps, only to HL1) and we also knew we didn’t have the technical know-how to actually have both characters meet in person, so we needed to meet in such a way so that only our voices could be heard. Eventually we decided on Freeman’s Locker because it’s relevant to the plot and is thin enough to allow our voices to carry through, as well it has several entrances and exits which allow Barney to leave down one path, and Shephard down another, so that we never actually meet in person. We also considered using an air vent and the corridor blocked by rubble beside the “Techno Hell” room.

Q: Are you planning on doing an episode involving the Boot Camp Training Level from Opposing Force?
A: Yes. But that might not happen until after Shephard’s Mind is over and done with.

Q: What else will you do once Shephard’s Mind is finished?
A: Well, assuming OpFor 2 hasn’t come out by then, I’m already involved in a couple other machinimas at this point. I’ll post relevant information here when they get released.


Q: Shephard often walks right past heavy weapons (such as rocket launchers or the M249) which would be valuable to him. Why is this?
A: As of episode 21, Shephard is already carrying a sub-machinegun, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, three aliens (which, while being considerably lighter, are about the same size as a shotgun) as well as two pistols, a combat knife, a wrench, and several grenades. Even if all the ammunition for those weapons were magically weightless, it is still an obscene amount for one marine to carry on top of field gear whilst running through cramped corridors and performing action maneuvers like leaping across huge gaps or evading enemy fire. To put it shortly, the average soldier usually never carries more than two small arms (MP5, shotgun) of any kind in addition to their side arm (pistol). Shephard is already carrying roughly twice as much as most soldiers do. For the sake of realism, it just wouldn’t make sense for him to throw a giant rocket launcher on top of that. No human being could carry all that and continue to do the sorts of things that he does regularly without passing out or getting killed. Plus, he’s in the New Mexico desert. Who the fuck wants to be lugging around all that with a stuffy gas mask when it’s 100 degrees in the shade?

Q: Why is it that nearly every single marine that Shephard has allied with has ended up dead?
A: Shephard is not a good team player.

Q: No, seriously, it’s depressing.
A: I didn’t really intend for it to end up that way, but the AI in Opposing Force really doesn’t do itself any favors. In terms of the story, it makes things seem more dangerous than they really are, and that Shephard is really only surviving by the skin of his teeth, and by sacrificing every nearby marine at the first opportunity. At a glance, this makes Shephard seem like a complete dick, but if you think about it he’s really just doing what any reasonable person would do, and any reasonable person would assume that his teammates would be smart enough to avoid incoming projectiles, or not to touch electrified fences. One of Shephard’s biggest flaws is that he consistently overestimates his allies, and ends up having to fix everything himself. In the end, Shephard is never much more skilled than his allies, and only manages to survive through sheer dumb luck. Emphasis on dumb.

Q: I have this really awesome idea for a mind series you could do! Will you do it?
A: No. See, as it turns out, I’m already doing a mind series. You may have heard of it IT IS CALLED SHEPHARD’S MIND.

Q: Well, will you do my idea once you’re finished Shephard’s Mind?
A: First off, I’m not even sure if I’ll be done for a couple more years yet if the Opposing Force 2 mods are any indication. Second, do you seriously think I’m going to be doing these things forever? I want to move on from this crap, it was meant as a bloody practice exercise, nothing more.

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