Shephard’s Mind Episode 10

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Well it took a little while, but I’ve finally hit ten episodes. Maybe now that means I’ll actually be doing this for real. Watch it here.

Yes, yes, it took a damn long while to get done. I was preoccupied with graduating. So yeah, sorry for succeeding at life everybody. I promise it won’t happen again.


  1. Nataka says:

    it was late =P

    anyways i hope this keeps on going!
    the series is too good to die young

  2. IRAMightyPirate says:

    Finally! Well, I better get back to my coffee! Check out mah blog! Hello! COFFEE! Ross Scott is gonna come onto barnies meind and to go and gonna voice the other charcter on my show w/ ross scott. Ill see ya leter on mah blog gotto go to mah blog not on your blog barneys mind blog ok cya.

  3. Awsgames says:

    I lol’d at the end. But if Shephard can’t keep a rocket launcher, how the hell can he keep a BFG 9000?!

  4. Mookae says:

    @awsgames Well a stick of uranium is smaller than a RPG missle, I believe
    and Krimsin, once Ross Scott gets that far, you should redo the portal part of the video.
    @IRA I never knew famous people could be that crazy anymore, espescially after Billy Mays died from head trauma.

  5. Mariano says:

    I really liked this episode keep it up Krimsin!

  6. Awsgames says:

    @Mookae Still, that displacer guns shoots fucking exploding portals, it has to be about the same weight as a rocket launcher if not heavier.

  7. Mookae says:

    @awsgames but isn’t making everything lighter the point of having some f**king scientists around! Besides, he had to do that to make up for missing the chance to do rocketjumps XD

  8. Chozo says:

    I see that you found the Displacer. Friken sweet weapon. It teleports shit everywhere! Including… YOU!

  9. Gregory M. says:

    I agree with Nataka. It scared me out of my hide when I found out that Adrian didn’t make it. And…didn’t Freeman’s mind 10.5 have Xs on the glasses? That way, we could’ve known a death was coming. just a suggestion.

  10. Crazy Cal says:

    FOR GOD’S SAKE, ADRIAN ISN”T DEAD! HE HAS THE DISPLACER, WHICH IS A PORTABLE TELEPORTATION DEVICE. Jesus, guys, do some research. Or… you know… Read the comments on the video. Sheesh.

  11. microcode says:

    why did you make 10 your last episode ?

  12. Crazy Cal says:

    “why did you make 10 your last episode ?”


  13. Mookae says:

    lets me put it this way:why should he have to go through a jumping challenge for a portal, when he has a portal gun? Think about it…
    P.S. @Crazy Cal this is the internet, you don’t have to be so f**king serious XD

  14. Crazy Cal says:


    Nah, I just get carried away when idiots start spamming comments like “Why end seres? It was gud” or “U suk i am hate u”. They might as well be saying “What am sky?” or “Who eat does food?”

    And I was on Red Bull.

  15. Zashkaser says:

    Amazing news, thank you!

  16. Sdanektir says:

    Fantastic news! :)

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