Shephard’s Mind Episode 22

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As you scan over the Shephard’s Mind blog, you find that there is a new entry. “Interesting,” You think, “KrimsinYT must want to tell us something.” But then you notice the title, “Shephard’s Mind Episode 22″ and realize that this must be the new episode.

“But that can’t be!” You shout, pulling at your hair like a madman and making yourself look like a fool in front of everyone else who might be in the immediate vicinity of you and your computer, “That’s impossible! The last Shephard’s Mind was less than two weeks ago! No mortal force could make the videos release that fast!” You quickly scribble down some schematics on a napkin, hoping to one day harness the mind-boggling speeds of this new video that has somehow managed to defy everything you thought you knew about the laws of the universe.
But  then you are gripped by a horrifying realization. That maybe it is not the laws of physics or Shephard’s Mind that have been altered, but you. You can’t seem to remember what you ate for breakfast this morning, either. You are overtaken by a feeling of dread, believing as though you have stumbled into some temporal rift and appeared several months into the future when the next episode is to be released!
But it is not so. For as your eyes scan across the highly meta blog post, you are given a critical piece of information:

I just picked up Sony Vegas and thought it’d be fun to use it. That’s probably why the episode is out so soon. You can view it here.

You breathe a sigh of relief and click the link to watch the video. When you are finished, the time portal opens up again, spits you out into the cretaceous period, and you are subsequently devoured by a Dimetrodon.


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