Shephard’s Mind Episode 12

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Well, Ian and I have often been quoted as saying that Shephard and Barney were going to meet some day. And now we have. This meeting is planned to happen in both series, so expect to see this from Barney’s view in a later episode of Barney’s Mind.

Yes, I realize it’s contrived and nonsensical. But it was damn fun. I also realize you can’t actually teleport into Gordon Freeman’s locker at any time in Opposing Force. But I did it for the lulz. Don’t worry though, Shephard will be back on the linear track that we know and love soon enough.


  1. Awsgames says:

    Haha, nice Barneys Mind tie in. Anyways I don’t like how you spent half the episode inside a locker. It got kind of boring., good thing you have those great vocals to keep my attention.

  2. Ha! hilarious, if this can be done, would you be able do an actual meeting of them in half life opposing force deathmatch?

  3. steven bruce lee says:

    yea i was wondering why your Q&A was all little kids too. I probably should have came to bump up the age a little lol. Anyways keep up the good work.

  4. Mookae says:

    If only Ross Scott pitched in. I can imagine him going “WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING TO MY LOCKER?!” or something like that. Ah, wells, he probably didn’t even know…
    either way, great episode!

  5. fllthdcrb says:

    Cool crossover. Ending up in sector C is a fun twist. BTW, it’s “HECU”, not “HEC”.

  6. Mariano says:

    Cool episode Krimsin!

  7. Robthebox says:

    Once again, awesome. :D

  8. Chozo says:

    It’s funny either way. But what’s going to happen later on down the road? And what’s gonna happen when you get to the test chamber? You just gonna turn around and go back… or teleport out of there?

    But anyways… Keep up the good work Krimsin!

  9. patrick says:

    god damn it dude come out with a new vid shit

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  11. patrick says:


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