Shephard’s Mind Episode 24

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Whoops, let me just dust off this blog and remember to post in it.

Episode 24 is out.

This is probably the first time in a while you’ve heard the voice of Cyhanide. You’re welcome. Also, season 1 of Shephard’s Mind will end on Episode 25. The finale is literally right around the corner. It will be awesome. I do plan to have a very small guest appearance, but nothing nearly as long as the scene with Shephard and Lydia.

After this series is done with, I’ll get around to making the Boot Camp videos, as well as some miscellaneous content before Opposing Force 2 releases, and hopefully get some serious work done on the Left 4 Dead mod. It’ll be a busy summer, but this is probably the first time I’ve heard the word “busy” in both a positive -and- nonsexual context.


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