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Okay, I should probably explain something

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Episode 23 is taking a long time, that’s pretty obvious. Why? Because of a number of factors:

1. I’m still learning my way around Sony Vegas.

2. Youtube changed to 15 minutes recently, so now I have to make the episode a lot longer than originally intended so that I can finish the series on episode 25 rather than 28. 25 is just a way better number.

3. I’m currently involved with at least two or three other machinimas, and one of them is so long and on-going that I’ve been doing lines for it long before I ever started Shephard’s Mind. It is, in effect, the Civil Protection to my Freeman’s Mind.

4. I’m trying to hold down a job as of a few days ago. Retail work (or indeed any job that makes me deal with many people at once face-to-face) drains me like no other kind, so sometimes I’ll have time but not the energy to do the voice acting anyway.