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Shephard’s Mind Episode 16

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For whatever reason, Episode 16 isn’t showing a thumbnail. I tried re-uploading and that seems to have done the trick. I think this is probably my best episode in terms of voice acting quality/audio editing quality.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 15

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Here it is, Episode 15. I’ve got a job, my mic is working, I’m not swamped with chores or family issues or other machinimas, and I found a free moment to get this done. Now let me just say something.

A few days ago, Youtube informed me that Episode 10 of Shephard’s Mind had become eligible to become part of their Partnership Program. Essentially, they would put up some ads above the video and I would get paid in genuine cash to make these videos, reasonably regularly too.

I refused.

The terms of the partnership won’t let me use copyrighted materials in my videos (such as the opening theme song which is taken from the original game), true, but that’s not the real reason I refused, in fact I refused before I even read the conditions. To tell the truth, Shephard’s Mind is not my series. Not really. It’s Ross Scott’s series turned into my series. I’m not going to steal his idea and then claim money for it, god no. I do this for fun, if I thought I was going to turn a profit from it I’d just think of my own machinima idea (and maybe I will one day). I cannot in good conscience take credit for what is essentially Ross’ own idea twisted by me and made to look only slightly different from his. And I really hate it when videos have ads right before them, and wouldn’t do that to my own fans.

So when you send me the umpteenth personal message on Youtube about when the next episode is going to be, just remember that I don’t receive nor accept any kind of payment for my work on Shephard’s Mind. I openly refused money offered to me for working on this series so that Ross Scott doesn’t have to feel as though his intellectual property is not his own and so my fans don’t have to watch those annoying ads beforehand.

You’re welcome.