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Shephard’s Mind Episode 10

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Well it took a little while, but I’ve finally hit ten episodes. Maybe now that means I’ll actually be doing this for real. Watch it here.

Yes, yes, it took a damn long while to get done. I was preoccupied with graduating. So yeah, sorry for succeeding at life everybody. I promise it won’t happen again.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 9

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Episode 9 is out. Watch it on youtube here. Or don’t. I don’t care. Also, if you’ve played Opposing Force recently, you’ll know that Shephard should be bound for Xen in the next episode. Are you excited? ARE YOU?!

Shephard’s Mind Launches Site

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Shephard’s Mind now has a website, with hosting provided by these guys. What a hilarious waste of bandwidth. Oh well, might as well entertain yourself with some videos or something while you’re here. The entire collection of Shephard’s Mind videos (as well as a few other pieces of irrelevant crap) can be found here.