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Shephard's Mind A Half-life: Opposing Force Machinima Sun, 12 May 2013 09:58:15 +0000 en Shephard’s Mind Episode 0 So, after putting it off for literally a year for various reasons, I have finally managed to finish the Boot Camp Episode for Shep's Mind. This is probably the last real episode I'll be doing until season 2, so try to enjoy it while it lasts. Next will probably be an ... Shephard’s Mind Episode 25 (FINALE!) Well, I don't know how I pulled it off, but the final episode of Shephard's Mind Season 1 is now out and in as good a quality as I could make it. It's been way, way too long a delay, and I apologize. I hit problem after problem, mostly of the ... Shephard’s Mind Episode 24 Whoops, let me just dust off this blog and remember to post in it. Episode 24 is out. This is probably the first time in a while you've heard the voice of Cyhanide. You're welcome. Also, season 1 of Shephard's Mind will end on Episode 25. The finale is literally right around ... Opposing Force 2 Preview The modders on the Opposing Force 2 team asked me to do a little preview video featuring the demo they released a short while ago. So I did. This video only showcases about half of the campaign preview level, which itself is about half the content in the demo. It's ... Shephard’s Mind Episode 23 So apparently there are some people who didn't know that Episode 23 has been out for like two weeks now, because they were reading this blog rather than, you know, just going to my channel where I put all the bloody videos. Okay, I should probably explain something Episode 23 is taking a long time, that's pretty obvious. Why? Because of a number of factors: 1. I'm still learning my way around Sony Vegas. 2. Youtube changed to 15 minutes recently, so now I have to make the episode a lot longer than originally intended so that I can finish ... Shephard’s Mind Episode 22 As you scan over the Shephard's Mind blog, you find that there is a new entry. "Interesting," You think, "KrimsinYT must want to tell us something." But then you notice the title, "Shephard's Mind Episode 22" and realize that this must be the new episode. "But that can't be!" You shout, ... Shephard’s Mind Episode 21 Episode 21 got delayed for all sorts of reasons, chief among which was my acting in the video in the news post below, but also because the other series I'm in has been re-activated and now I'm doing lines for them again, as well as some random series that the ... Don’t drink, drive, or steal people’s ex-girlfriends So as it happens I was in a short film the other day and it just got put up on youtube. So if you want to see me pretend to mack on someone's girlfriend while I look like I haven't showered in weeks due to being slow-cooked under film lamps for ... Shephard’s Mind Episode 20 So, after a number of editing issues, getting killed and having to restart, being asked to help with other projects, the collective Q&A with the other Masterminds, my own birthday on the 12th, finding a job, and more than a little laziness, I've finally managed to kick episode 20 out ...