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Delays hurrr

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Well, in the same vein of the Barney’s Mind Hitler Parody, the same guy called me out about Episode 18 Being Delayed. Which is fine, I guess. People have a right to get impatient when there’s no information being released. So here’s the deal, I haven’t actually started Episode 18 yet (Well, technically I tried a few times to record footage but those takes all got messed up somehow towards the end). Mainly because of Christmas holiday (And I think Ian Riley is a madman for releasing his finale anywhere near Christmas in the first place), but there may be other problems that have only just appeared today. I’ll update this news post as I find out more.

EDIT: It turned out to be nothing, episode proceeding mostly as planned. Except that the new mic I got for Christmas was actually worse than the one I already have. So unless I can figure out how to get it to stop making me sound like I’ve constantly got something stuck up my nose, I’ll have to keep using the old one which, while giving better audio quality, likes to cause massive amounts of static every time anybody so much as touches it.

EDIT: The old mic is working surprisingly well all of a sudden, so I’m using that for now. Started working on Episode 18 yesterday, and it’s already about halfway done.

Shephard’s Mind Launches Site

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Shephard’s Mind now has a website, with hosting provided by these guys. What a hilarious waste of bandwidth. Oh well, might as well entertain yourself with some videos or something while you’re here. The entire collection of Shephard’s Mind videos (as well as a few other pieces of irrelevant crap) can be found here.