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Okay, I should probably explain something

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Episode 23 is taking a long time, that’s pretty obvious. Why? Because of a number of factors:

1. I’m still learning my way around Sony Vegas.

2. Youtube changed to 15 minutes recently, so now I have to make the episode a lot longer than originally intended so that I can finish the series on episode 25 rather than 28. 25 is just a way better number.

3. I’m currently involved with at least two or three other machinimas, and one of them is so long and on-going that I’ve been doing lines for it long before I ever started Shephard’s Mind. It is, in effect, the Civil Protection to my Freeman’s Mind.

4. I’m trying to hold down a job as of a few days ago. Retail work (or indeed any job that makes me deal with many people at once face-to-face) drains me like no other kind, so sometimes I’ll have time but not the energy to do the voice acting anyway.

Don’t drink, drive, or steal people’s ex-girlfriends

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So as it happens I was in a short film the other day and it just got put up on youtube.

So if you want to see me pretend to mack on someone’s girlfriend while I look like I haven’t showered in weeks due to being slow-cooked under film lamps for hours while I try to remember the longest bloody line in my career, then by all means, view it here.

I didn’t write any of the script (I’m not so good at PSAs) and it’s sort of a drama so don’t expect it to be all that funny.

Why 13 isn’t out yet

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My mic is being a gargantuan piece of shit. Could take longer than I thought. FFFFFFFFFF…….

EDIT: Mic’s working more smoothly than before now, and Episode 13 is out. I apologize for nothing.


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Well, the Q&A went pretty well. A few hiccups but otherwise went fairly smoothly. Thanks for the questions and comments guys. I’ll post the link to the recording of the session as soon as Ian posts it.

EDIT: Here it is.