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Shephard’s Mind

Shephard’s Mind Episode 0

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So, after putting it off for literally a year for various reasons, I have finally managed to finish the Boot Camp Episode for Shep’s Mind. This is probably the last real episode I’ll be doing until season 2, so try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Next will probably be an FAQ video, or another dialogue-scraps compilation. Basically just miscellaneous stuff.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 25 (FINALE!)

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Well, I don’t know how I pulled it off, but the final episode of Shephard’s Mind Season 1 is now out and in as good a quality as I could make it.

It’s been way, way too long a delay, and I apologize. I hit problem after problem, mostly of the IRL variety more than anything production-related. Now that it’s done, though, I can focus on other things and build up momentum again for when I do Season 2 (and it will be done, Opposing Force 2 is allegedly close at hand).

In the meantime, I’ll probably be releasing a few bonus videos. Boot Camp is of course the big one, and probably a remake of Episode 1 since the cool kids are into that. Plus maybe a new trailer and a few other behind-the-scenes videos or something.

Thanks so much to everybody for talking me into going as far as I did with it. This was a complete runaway project I originally only started for the sake of practicing my voice acting for other projects, yet it actually got me noticed and unexpectedly pulled onto several other machinimas all on its own.

I’m not known for finishing projects that I start, so this is also something of a personal achievement too. I don’t know what else to say except I’m glad to finally be caught up. I’ve got plenty of ideas for the next season, and with Source it should make those ideas even easier to put into action. I’m not done yet.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 24

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Whoops, let me just dust off this blog and remember to post in it.

Episode 24 is out.

This is probably the first time in a while you’ve heard the voice of Cyhanide. You’re welcome. Also, season 1 of Shephard’s Mind will end on Episode 25. The finale is literally right around the corner. It will be awesome. I do plan to have a very small guest appearance, but nothing nearly as long as the scene with Shephard and Lydia.

After this series is done with, I’ll get around to making the Boot Camp videos, as well as some miscellaneous content before Opposing Force 2 releases, and hopefully get some serious work done on the Left 4 Dead mod. It’ll be a busy summer, but this is probably the first time I’ve heard the word “busy” in both a positive -and- nonsexual context.

Opposing Force 2 Preview

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The modders on the Opposing Force 2 team asked me to do a little preview video featuring the demo they released a short while ago. So I did. This video only showcases about half of the campaign preview level, which itself is about half the content in the demo. It’s not big, but it’s a lot of fun and well worth the download.

A link to the download page can be found at the end of the video. You can also visit the forums here:

Give these guys support, they’re doing damn great work with a basically nonexistent budget.

You’ll probably notice a few things right off the bat, such as the lack of a HUD (Finally!) and the fact that Shephard is actually using a rocket launcher for once. The HUD will definitely stay gone in the final series, but the rocket launcher might not be picked up by Shep in the final version. Or, if I do keep it, Shephard will probably just discard it afterwards in lieu of lugging it around everywhere. There are, of course, approximately 20 new weapons to keep him occupied and none of them look particularly easy to carry.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 23

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So apparently there are some people who didn’t know that Episode 23 has been out for like two weeks now, because they were reading this blog rather than, you know, just going to my channel where I put all the bloody videos.

Okay, I should probably explain something

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Episode 23 is taking a long time, that’s pretty obvious. Why? Because of a number of factors:

1. I’m still learning my way around Sony Vegas.

2. Youtube changed to 15 minutes recently, so now I have to make the episode a lot longer than originally intended so that I can finish the series on episode 25 rather than 28. 25 is just a way better number.

3. I’m currently involved with at least two or three other machinimas, and one of them is so long and on-going that I’ve been doing lines for it long before I ever started Shephard’s Mind. It is, in effect, the Civil Protection to my Freeman’s Mind.

4. I’m trying to hold down a job as of a few days ago. Retail work (or indeed any job that makes me deal with many people at once face-to-face) drains me like no other kind, so sometimes I’ll have time but not the energy to do the voice acting anyway.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 22

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As you scan over the Shephard’s Mind blog, you find that there is a new entry. “Interesting,” You think, “KrimsinYT must want to tell us something.” But then you notice the title, “Shephard’s Mind Episode 22″ and realize that this must be the new episode.

“But that can’t be!” You shout, pulling at your hair like a madman and making yourself look like a fool in front of everyone else who might be in the immediate vicinity of you and your computer, “That’s impossible! The last Shephard’s Mind was less than two weeks ago! No mortal force could make the videos release that fast!” You quickly scribble down some schematics on a napkin, hoping to one day harness the mind-boggling speeds of this new video that has somehow managed to defy everything you thought you knew about the laws of the universe.
But  then you are gripped by a horrifying realization. That maybe it is not the laws of physics or Shephard’s Mind that have been altered, but you. You can’t seem to remember what you ate for breakfast this morning, either. You are overtaken by a feeling of dread, believing as though you have stumbled into some temporal rift and appeared several months into the future when the next episode is to be released!
But it is not so. For as your eyes scan across the highly meta blog post, you are given a critical piece of information:

I just picked up Sony Vegas and thought it’d be fun to use it. That’s probably why the episode is out so soon. You can view it here.

You breathe a sigh of relief and click the link to watch the video. When you are finished, the time portal opens up again, spits you out into the cretaceous period, and you are subsequently devoured by a Dimetrodon.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 21

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Episode 21 got delayed for all sorts of reasons, chief among which was my acting in the video in the news post below, but also because the other series I’m in has been re-activated and now I’m doing lines for them again, as well as some random series that the Director got me involved in on a whim. Anyway, go watch it already.

Don’t drink, drive, or steal people’s ex-girlfriends

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So as it happens I was in a short film the other day and it just got put up on youtube.

So if you want to see me pretend to mack on someone’s girlfriend while I look like I haven’t showered in weeks due to being slow-cooked under film lamps for hours while I try to remember the longest bloody line in my career, then by all means, view it here.

I didn’t write any of the script (I’m not so good at PSAs) and it’s sort of a drama so don’t expect it to be all that funny.

Shephard’s Mind Episode 20

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So, after a number of editing issues, getting killed and having to restart, being asked to help with other projects, the collective Q&A with the other Masterminds, my own birthday on the 12th, finding a job, and more than a little laziness, I’ve finally managed to kick episode 20 out the door. It’s only six and a half minutes, though, so you’re probably already hungry for more. I hope you enjoy the next episode in just four months.